Security Check

Hand baggage liquid restrictions:

Only limited quantities of liquids may be carried in your hand baggage, in containers holding 100 ml or equivalent (100 g) or less. They must be placed in a single transparent and resealable bag of no larger than 1 litre capacity (approx. 18 x 20 cm).

The term liquids refers to:

  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups cream, potions and oils
  • perfumes sprays
  • gel, including hair and shower gels
  • the contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • pastes, such as toothpaste
  • mixtures of liquids

This bag must be shown separately from other of hand baggage at airport security. Each passenger is allowed to carry only one such bag. Besides the resealable bag, you may carry limited quantities of medicines and baby foods, necessary for your journey. You may be asked to provide evidence that you need them for your journey.

Storage service for hand luggage prohibited items

If you are travelling with hand luggage items that won’t pass security screening, you can leave them at the Luggage Deposit and pick them up when you come back.

You can purchase liquids such as drinks and perfumes in airport stores and duty-free outlets after security control, on the aircraft and in other EU airports. Products purchased at duty-free and onboard the aircraft are sold in specially sealed bags. We recommend you do not open them before you reach your final destination.

Open bags may be confiscated by security at stopover airports.

Flight liquid restrictions: in transit passengers

According to European Union legislation, starting from 31st January 2014, liquids purchased as duty free at any airport or on board, may be carried as hand luggage. Duty free liquids and receipt must be sealed at the time of purchase inside the security bag and must be eligible for screening at security controls.

For this reason the security officer may need to open the security bag and in some cases the liquids containers too. If you have a further connecting flight at another airport, before reaching your final destination, please alert the security officer so that your duty free liquids and receipt may be re-sealed in a new security bag with a statement of the screening. The rules below also apply to passengers, leaving the arrivals custom area before returning to the departures area within the next 3 hours.









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