Airline Transport Pilot License

Provide candidates with the necessary theoretical knowledge to pass theoretical knowledge examinations for getting the Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL (A). It allows the owner to exercise all activities of the LAPL (A), of PPL (A), CPL (A) and IR (A).

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CPL - Commercial Pilot License

Getting the License leads to exercise all activities of the PPL (A) or of the LAPL (A); to act as pilot or co-pilot on commercial air transport aircrafts, on any aircraft certified for single pilot and commercial air transportation on multi-crew airplane.

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PPL(A) Private Pilot License

The course made by WINFLY ACADEMY for getting the PPL (A) license allows to carry out flight operations, without remuneration, according to visual flight rules (VFR = Visual Flight Rules), safely and efficiently, as pilot in command of single-engine aircrafts.

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Winfly sera en mesure d'offrir, à la fois la formation sur montgolfières à tous les intéressés d'obtenir la licence de pilote de ballon et en plus des cours de pilotage de drones soit pour passion ou pour le travail.

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Winfly Academy was founded with the aim of providing a complete, modern and professional training to Italian and foreign citizen who wish to become professional pilot. Winfly Academy consist of highly qualified and professional instructures with decades of flight experience.Thanks to its strategic location will offer the entire services to all African States that need to train their pilot. According to each African States needs Winfly Academy will be able to open basis on African continent and customize each training course in order to meet every request and personal needs. The operation base is locaed in Pisticci airfield and it is able to provide optimas procedures and professional training without affecting the timing and training quality.

The Winfly Academy will be structured as follows:

1- School training for air crew

2- Technical Institute for experts in aircraft construction

3- Organization of training for Part 147 aircraft maintenance engineer.

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